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Part of Cornell’s “Faces of Mental Health” Campaign. Powerful photos show student’s efforts and strategies to maintain a healthy mental state as they balance their personal lives and lives as students at Cornell University. This post features Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Ph.D. student in Science & Technology studies.

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Last semester, I was asked to participate in a mental health awareness campaign at Cornell University called “Faces of Mental Health.” The art project, put together by the students from the group Cornell Minds Matter, juxtaposes black and white + color images, to highlight some of the struggles faced by students as well as the unique ways they’ve navigated those issues in order to find at a healthy mental space. To check out the rest of the striking images and messages in this campaign please head here (the page just went up). To learn more about Cornell Minds Matter as well as resources for managing your stress, anxiety, and/or depression you can head here. Make your mental health a priority and please don’t be afraid to reach out for help! We all need it sometimes [maybe all the time, and that's okay too].

Mental_Health Campaign

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Positivity in ‘Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals’


August marks the second year that President Obama’s executive memorandum DACA, Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals, has helped immigrant youth reach greater social and economic potential in the United States. In 2012, DACA allowed immigrant youth who lived most of their … Continue reading

Injustice for Potential Refugees reaching the Mexican-American Border

Copyright Nicola "Okin" Frioli" 2014

My heart goes out to the thousands of minors and families coming to the U.S. from Central America in search of safer livelihoods. My parents escaped the turmoil and violence of El Salvador during the horrific Civil War in the 1980s. Today, they … Continue reading

Establishment of “Latino Cultural District” SF California

Juana Alicia; Alto al Fuego/ Ceasefire, 1988

Recently San Francisco’s Mission District was named a “Latino Cultural District” based on the Latino/a melting pot that has historically welcomed people from diverse countries. A SHORT HISTORY Immigration to the Mission District began during the 19th century Gold Rush. The end of the … Continue reading

Soil to Skin Rebecca Burgess’ 150 Mile Wardrobe

Fibershed "Soil to Soil" conceptual model by Rebecca Burgess, 2013

The Fibershed project in Northern California has been extremely motivational for me, especially since it has inspired my Master’s thesis. I have explored fiber farm and mill resources in New York, and received consumer feedback about NY “fibershed” knitwear. (An official “fibershed” has not … Continue reading

Call for support: Jullien Gordon to Speak at alma mater Los Angeles High School


We would like your support to bring an inspiring educational and leadership speaker, Jullien Gordon to our alma mater, Downtown Magnets High School, May 2015. He is a renown speaker that engages with students and budding entrepreneurs nationwide during speaking tours and … Continue reading

Linking Fashion with “People, Planet, Profit” goals


This year I got the great opportunity to work with fellow apparel design and fiber science students in a sustainable fashion project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the supervision of Professor Tasha Lewis, Dr. Park, and Dr. Netravali. … Continue reading

[Hood Sociology] Connecting Racism and Imperialsm via Hip Hop

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Conscious hip hop- connects racial political history with capitalism + imperialism:

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Hip hop has always been a space where critical topics and concepts are discussed by both the artists and their listeners. For the past few years I’ve followed a Toronto group known as the Freedom Writers.  They are in my opinion one of the best conscious hip hop groups out right now combining a radical critique of the industry and society with a great stage presence and flow (something lacking in a lot of conscious hip-hop music).

Last fall they came out with an album called NOW.  One of the songs on the album is called Arizona Bay. The song is  great example of the strong social critiques that hip hop and other music can create. Take a listen below:

The song combines an analysis of racism, capitalism, and imperialism to show how these systems feed off of each other and that the dynamics that animate the war in Afghanistan is…

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